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It all began with our first website iWantClips.com back in April 2014. We designed iWantClips.com to be the ultimate fetish clip site for artists and fans alike. Since then, it has grown to become the world's #1 clip site! Featuring an assortment of fetishes, XXX stars, camgirls, and your favorite amateur content producers!

iWantClips quickly took over the clip market with its new technology and feature rich platform offering its users:

  • Free streaming - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • Free cloud storage - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • Daily payouts for artists - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • Charge Back Protection - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • Custom vanity domains for its stores - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • Full motion video previews - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • Live chat artist and fan support - a clip industry 1st at its time!
  • And so much more!
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In April 2015, we launched our second website iWantCustomClips.com to help simplify all of the custom clip requests that artists receive from their fans. Until iWantCustomClips.com launched, there wasn't an easy and reliable way of receiving customized clip order requests from fans. Artists would have to email back and forth with their fans to make sure the order was just right, with many orders simply being abandoned by fans. iWantCustomClips.com allows artists to quickly and easily take custom clip orders from their fans. Artists list the categories that they will make, the outfits and toys they have available all the while charging their fans specifically for each one they may select. Artists can even charge a premium for faster delivery times or to say the fan's name in the clip!

iWantPhone Screenshot

In April 2017, we launched our third website iWantPhone.com to provide artists and fans alike with a modern take on what a phone chat platform should be. The intuitive phone chat platform allows artists to easily connect with their fans while on the go. Artists may choose to have multiple phone lines at various prices for various types of calls. All calls are pre-paid, so you never have to worry about not being paid for your time. As a fan, you’ll love the fact that we automatically credit your account with any unused minutes from your calls.


On December 31, 2017, we launched our fourth website, iWantFanClub.com to provide our fans with a much more direct and complete connection to their favorite artists!



Look what Artists say about us

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I'm proud to say I've earned six figures a year on iWantClips alone for the past 2 years. That's probably enough to inspire anyone in adult work to give it a try, but it's not the only reason iWantClips is my favorite adult content platform.

They've been quick to answer all of my questions and listen to any feedback or ideas I might offer. I've even witnessed them implement some of those ideas into their site, which is extremely impressive. I feel that iWantClips genuinely cares about models and studios. They realize that keeping us happy is key to a successful business, and that is why iWantClips is my favorite.



I love iWantClips for providing me with the perfect platform to reach maximum earning potential with minimum hard working labor. They work for me, it's like having my own staff! Their customer service is amazing and always on call, they have my best interest at heart and would do anything to make sure their models are comfortable, safe and utilizing their platform to the best of their ability.

iWantClips is a true representation of working smarter not harder. I have everything I could possibly need on one platform. iWantClips allows me to sell my clips, accept custom requests and chat with customers on the phone all in one place and to top it all off they have tons of traffic and offer the biggest percentage compared to most sites when it comes to receiving MY money. Their payouts are always on time and I'm able to pick a payout cycle that works for me. Ever wished you could get a daily payout? You can! iWantClips makes that possible along with bi weekly or monthly payouts.

My favorite feature on IWC would have to be the PTV (Pay to view) feature. You're able to charge anywhere from $0-1000 for your clientele to read your response to their messages. I was able to make $42,000 in a day with this feature! I wouldn't be able to do that anywhere else, IWC is furnished with the highest paying clientele out there. Of course, you get what you put in, like anything else.



I started my successful career in the online fetish industry over 10 years ago. In that time, I've used numerous platform websites to sell my videos, phone services, and accept tributes. iWantClips is the most model friendly platform website I have ever used. Their pay outs are competitive, their customer service is prompt and friendly and they stay on the cutting edge of the industry by listening to models' needs and maintaining a slick interface. Not only that, it seems like almost every week they are conducting contests giving away amazing prizes such as gift cards, cameras, and designer shoes. These are NOT popularity contests, mind you, rather contests that reward hard work and creativity, whether you're a newbie or a veteran. One of my favorite features on IWC is the "Pay-to-View" customer email. This is where a model can send a mass email to all (or a select few) of her customers and charge them to view it. I like to attach several pictures to the email and charge around $10. Within a few days I've made an easy $100-$200 and I keep my image fresh on my customer's mind, often inspiring them to go to my clip store and buy some more.



I signed on to use iWantClips before it even went public, and it was one of the best decisions I have made during my very successful career. The site has rapidly expanded from just another basic clip site to the gold standard in the industry during the last couple of years. The process of uploading and publishing content to the site is extremely intuitive. The ability to sell custom clips for my many customers has made my work flow much simpler. I am able to name my own price per minute and love the fact that I can set certain prices based on how quickly the clip gets sent back to the customer. The process of going back and forth with a customer about custom clips has always been tedious, time consuming and somewhat of a risky proposition since it is hard to know if someone inquiring about a custom clip is actually going to pay for it at the conclusion of the endless messages. The iWantCustoms platform removes those problems entirely and allows me to focus on creating top notch content. Another aspect of the site that I truly cherish is their support services. I am able to send a message to support at any time of the day and almost always receive a reply within a matter of minutes, this really sets the site apart from many others.


Lauren Phillips

I’ve only been part of iWantClips, iWantPhone and iWantCustomClips for a few weeks, and the set-up has blown me away! The platform is easy to use and promote yourself. I’ve uploaded several clips and customs with no problems. Each platform gets a lot of traffic and they help you develop returning customers. I already have several customers that continue to order and purchase throughout the week especially with the iWantPhone platform.

I love several things about the iWant brand. I love the easy profile set up and how the platform has a tab to create promo materials. This tab helps you create the promotional image on top of creating the HTML coding to be put up on blogs or other promotional websites. I love the support I get when I need help. When I first started with iWantPhone I had a problem accepting the calls and I emailed support. They got back to me in less than 24 hours and it wasn’t just through email. They called me to get more details about the problem so they could fix it ASAP. I haven’t had any problems since! The last thing I REALLY love about this brand/platform is the customers and audience. I haven’t had anyone try to get free stuff from me. The iWant brand knows that this is a career or job for most of us and they bring a #payforyourporn audience and attitude. It’s really refreshing to work with a company that is so willing to help models succeed in this business.

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